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Caring For Our Community - A campaign for Kaweah Delta Health Care District

   Kaweah Delta Hospital Foundation is launching a fundraising campaign entitled Caring for Our Community  .  Philanthropic support over the years has saved countless lives by helping Kaweah Delta remain on the leading edge of care. With the help of our community, Kaweah Delta Hospital Foundation, seeks to invest in a number of areas that will:

    • Allow more patients to remain in the community while receiving care
    • Save lives by bringing additional leading edge technology to Kaweah Delta
    • Strengthen Kaweah Delta’s partnership with our community 

  New technologies continue to push the boundaries of medicine. Medical technology has revolutionized health care over the past 30 years, allowing doctors to restore health, find disease earlier, and improve patient outcomes. Kaweah Delta Hospital Foundation is undertaking a capital campaign - Caring for Our Community - to help fund the following lifesaving technology: 

„  23 Giraffe Beds for the new NICU - Giraffe beds save lives.  They are designed to meet a baby’s needs, the needs of the family members, while fully supporting caregivers’ expertise.  They serve as both incubators and warmers and help regulate the baby's environment and continuously monitor the baby's heartbeat and vitals from within the bed.

„  Place an 80 slice CT scanner on the west campus Imaging Center to provide dramatically more detailed 3D images in much shorter times. This is especially important for children, the elderly and all patients in pain.

„  Two new Mobile Ultrasound Imaging units - Ultrasound is increasingly used to guide and triage trauma and critical care.  It is sometimes the only option in the evaluation of injured persons who are too ill for transport to other imaging modalities.

„  Replace the MRI Invivo Breast Coil to help locate hard to find (phantom) cancers.

„  Add three new Mobile OEC C-arms to help guide our surgeons’ hands and improve patient outcomes by enabling surgeons to become technically more proficient through clear, crisp images of internal structures during surgery - decreasing operating times and increasing outcomes.

„  Replace the Brachytherapy unit for our cancer patients.  These units place radioactive ‘seeds’ within or next to tumors inside the body improving outcomes while reducing overall radiation exposure.


The goal for the campaign is $3.5 million.

Please contact us for more information at (559) 624-2359 or by email


Sponsored by First 5 Tulare County. Funded by Proposition 10.



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