Giraffe Bed

Employees giving to Kaweah Delta Hospital Foundation have saved countless lives over the years by keeping Kaweah Delta on the leading edge of care. 

Today technology continues to push the boundaries of medicine. Through the Caring for Our Community Campaign Kaweah Delta employees have joined medical staff and community members to raise the funds needed to purchase these vital pieces of patient care equipment:

24 Giraffe Beds for the new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). These beds save babies’ lives by continuously monitoring the baby’s heartbeat and vital signs from the bed.

One 80-slice CT Scanner to provide dramatically more detailed 3D images than is now possible in much shorter times and to reduce errors caused by patient movement.

Two Mobile Ultrasound Imaging Units. Kaweah Delta trauma staff will use these quick start, portable units to triage accident victims and those critically ill.

One Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine Breast Coil to help local hard to find phantom cancers.

Three Mobile C-arms.  These large C-shaped machines guide our surgeons’ hands in the operating room and provide them with clear, crisp images of internal organs during surgery.

One Brachytherapy Unit for our cancer patients.  This unit will place radioactive “seeds” within or next to cancer tumors in patients’ bodies to destroy cancer cells.

Employees have committed to raise $1.6 million of the Campaign’s $3.5 million goal. 

For more information contact us at foundation@kdhcd.org.