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Our mission is to provide the most up-to-date medical technology and care to those in our community today and for generations to come. The community leaders who formed Kaweah Delta in 1961 had a vision for the future that began with a small hospital and grew into the major medical center that Kaweah Delta is today. 

You can become one of today’s community leaders building for our future by joining the Kaweah Delta Hospital Foundation’s Heritage Club. Over 200 community members have joined to date, and their combined gifts total more than $8 million. 

You can join by making a bequest to the Foundation in your will or by making the Foundation the beneficiary of your trust or insurance policy. Each person’s after-life gift must be at least $5,000. Through careful planning with your financial advisors, you may even achieve tax advantages that will cause your gift to have an even greater impact.


2016 New Heritage Club Members

As a new Heritage Club member, you will be recognized at our annual Heritage Club Dinner held each September and acknowledged in our Foundation publications. You will receive the Foundation Update newsletter and will be invited to attend receptions and other Kaweah Delta events related to new services and clinical programs. You will also receive a perpetual Gold Card to assist with patient registration and admission to the hospital. 

Heritage Club membership is a “word-of-honor” status. We never ask to view your will or trust because most such documents contain confidential information. We strongly recommend that you consult your financial and legal advisors before modifying your will or trust.

If you would like more information about the Heritage Club or about making a bequest to Kaweah Delta Hospital Foundation, please call us at (559) 624-2359 or email foundation@kdhcd.org.

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